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Friction Material Bonding to Core, Then Subsequent Water Jet Cutting of Finished Part in One Operation

The traditional method of manufacturing a clutch plate is to first fabricate the core plate by stamping or cutting or machining. Then likewise fabricate the friction material as a disc or segments and then bond the two together using a thermoset resin adhesive with the proper bonding temperature, time and pressure. This is something we do all day every day.

Water jet technology has enabled us to develop another methodology which opens up exciting (for us at least) new design alternatives which were previously impossible. By bonding the friction material substrate to a flat metal core beforehand and then final cutting on the water jet, a number of advantages and design freedoms become available. First, much more complicated shapes can be cut without the need for exact matching of both components as both are being cut at once. Time can be saved by utilizing one cutting operation instead of two, and rejected parts due to slippage of the friction material on the core plate can be avoided as well.

The primary advantage to the end user is design flexibility. The part shown was has the key projection cut after bonding thus the entire part has material coverage which in this case was an advantage. Virtually any shape composite can be cut using this method. Let us know if we can do something like this for you.

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Friction Material Bonding to Core Project Highlights

Product Name
Friction Material/Core Composite - Post Bond Cutting
Product Description
This project is about the precision cutting of friction material/core composite after bonding.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Thermoset Adhesive Bonding of Friction Material to Substrate
Water Jet Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Water Jet Saw
Heated Platen Presses
Adhesive Coaters
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: up to 36"
Width: up to 28"
Thickness: up to 4"
Tightest Tolerances
Dependent on Thickness
Material Used
Friction Material
Aluminum , Steel or Other Substrate
Material Finish
As Required
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Bond Temperature monitored by Recording Thermograph
Thickness and profile inspection as required maintaining customer specifications.
Benefits of Water Jet Cutting
  • Final Cut on Water Jet
  • Enables Us to Attain a Very Clean Edge w/ No Slippage
  • Allows Us to Cut Very Intricate Parts
Industry for Use
As Required

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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916