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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916

Bonding & Riveting of Friction Material

Bonding and Riveting of Friction Material

Oak Friction Product Division bonds friction material to customer or Cleveland Oak supplied parts for a variety of industrial customers such as press and forge manufacturers, stamping plants, appliance and machinery manufacturers and many others who require original or replacement friction components. We supply cut piece parts such as water jet gear tooth segments as well as bonded and riveted parts to both original equipment manufacturers and industrial users.

Our bonding is done in temperature controlled, programmable ovens, monitored with recording thermographs to insure a proper bond. Our production volumes range from custom manufacture of one or two extremely large clutch plates for a forging press to one million plus parts per year for a washing machine manufacturer.

Our bonding process is carefully monitored every step of the way to insure you receive a high quality part, on time, as economically as is currently possible.

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Bonding & Riveting of Friction Material Capabilities

Thermoset Adhesive Bonding of
Friction Pads
Friction Plates
Friction Segments
Friction Shoes
Brass Riveting of Friction Material to
Oven Capacity
up to 115 in
up to 3 m
Complete Parts Supplied1
Friction Rings
Gear Tooth Facings
Friction Pads
Stock Material Types
.060 to 3 in
1.52 to 76.2 mm
1 to 115 in
25.4 to 2921 mm
Production Volume
1 to 25,000+ parts/year

1 As well as process customer-supplied components


Quality Conformance
ISO 9000 methodology utilized, not certified
Testing and Inspection
Customizable to Customer
Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
Programmable Temperature Control
Recording Thermograph Bond Line Tests
Sampling Programs

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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916