Friction Products

Bonding and Riveting of Friction Material

Bonding & Riveting of Friction Material

  • Thermoset Adhesive Bonding of Friction Shoes, Pads, Plates & Segments
  • Brass Riveting of Friction Material to Bands, Shoes & Plates
  • Oven Capacity to 115 inch (3 meter) Plates
  • Customer-supplied or Cleveland Oak supplied plates, bands or shoes
Contract Manufacture of Friction Products

Contract Manufacture of Friction Products

  • Manufacture of shoes and plates for OEM applications.
  • Packaging and labeling service.
Friction Material Fabrication

Friction Material Fabrication

  • Stocking Warehouse for Woven, Molded, Fully Cured and Semi Cured Lining, Ferotec, Carlisle,
    Pro-Tec & Bremskerl Friction Material
  • Fabrication of Segments, Gear Tooth Facings
  • Waterjet Cutting, Precision Grinding & Sanding
  • Relining & Remanufacturing of worn friction shoes, bands and plates to OEM specifications
  • Crane shoes and bands, industrial clutch plates, classic automobiles, aluminum shoes