Conveyor Components

TRACKSTAR™ Return Training Idler

TRACKSTAR Return Training Idler

Patented self aligning return training idler for bulk material handling system balances the belt on its roller, eliminating drag and unstable back and forth belt tracking.

Component division at Cleveland Oak manufactures a line of specifically designed patented idlers which improves efficiencies in belt conveyor systems. TRACKSTAR return training idlers and ribbed rubber idler covers are manufactured by us. Our innovatively designed TRACKSTAR return training idlers offer total protection of conveyor belts during bulk material handling.

Ribbed Rubber Idler Covers

Ribbed Rubber Idler Covers

Ribbed extruded EPDM Rubber sleeves fit 5 and 6 inch return rolls providing protection from abrasion, corrosion and build-up offering a superior solution to rubber disc idlers.

The ribbed rubber idler covers manufactured by our component division are made from tough, durable, high quality rubber material. These covers function as a superior substrate for rubber disc idlers and help in their smooth running. Bulk material handling in conveyor systems is significantly helped by our idlers.