Ribbed Rubber Idler Covers

Ribbed Rubber Idler Covers

Ribbed extruded EPDM Rubber sleeves fit 5 and 6 inch return rolls providing protection from abrasion, corrosion and build-up offering a superior solution to rubber disc idlers.

The ribbed rubber idler covers manufactured by our component division are made from tough, durable, high quality rubber material. These covers function as a superior substrate for rubber disc idlers and help in their smooth running. Bulk material handling in conveyor systems is significantly helped by our idlers.

  • Idler discs, in general are used at transfer points in belts to absorb impact forces
  • Our rubber idler covers are rubber extrusions made from tough, durable EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class) rubber material with longitudinal lugs
  • EPDM rubber is known for its exceptional sealing properties in wiper rings, gaskets, rollers, and washers. It has outstanding characteristics like heat resistance, dielectric qualities, and color stability
  • Return idler applications and light to heavy impact are easily handled with the help of our idler covers
  • Our ribbed, extruded, EPDM rubber sleeves fit 5 and 6 inch return rolls precisely
  • Ribbed rubber idler covers increase the life of idlers. They offer greater resistance against corrosion and abrasion
  • Rubber idler covers find applications in the harbor, steel, coal, power, and cement industries

Ribbed Rubber Idler Cover Capabilities


5 in
6 in


Brake Shoes
Clutch Plates

Gear Tooth Facings

Material Used

EPDM Rubber

Part Specifications

Sleeves are applied to return idler rollers of 5 or 6 inch diameter

Secondary Operations




Cement Industry
Coal Industry

Power Industry
Steel Industry

Value Added Services

Heat Cleaning
Precision Adhesive Coating

Rust Proof Coating
Water Jet Cutting