Material Processing

Water Jet Cutting

Complex profiles that are difficult to cut using conventional cutting processes are cut easily and economically through our water jet cutting services. Virtually, any kind of material like granite, plastics, glass, sheet rubber, graphite composites, friction materials, laminates, ferrous and non ferrous metals are cut effectively by us. Our experience in water jet cutting has enabled us to handle continuous processes in short turnaround times with ease.

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Abrasive blast cleaning at Cleveland Oak is a dust free, eco-friendly surface preparation process. Safe and efficient cleaning is done for any kind of surface profiles. High productivity rates are ensured through our modular cleaning systems. Old paint coatings, oil, dust, rust, grime, and other surface contaminants are removed through our abrasive cleaning processes.

Heat Cleaning

Rebuilding and reusing of parts is greatly facilitated through our heat cleaning services. Heat cleaning removes grease and oil from blocks by employing heat cleaning ovens. Metal parts are prepared through routine cleaning processes by us. Numerous small ovens, conveyor ovens, heated platen presses, and computer controlled large capacity ovens are used in our heat cleaning processes.

Precision Grinding and Sanding

Precision surface grinding and sanding of parts is done through exceptional quality processes at Cleveland Oak. Rapid fabrication, surface preparation, and production of parts in high volumes are initiated through our grinding and sanding services. We are equipped with an inventory of vertical boring mills, rotary surface grinders, and conveyor belt sanders which can handle diversified customer needs in short lead times.