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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916

Contract Manufacture of Friction Products

Contract Manufacture of Friction Products

Oak Friction Products Division contract manufactures friction shoes, bands, plates, segments and facings for a variety of industrial customers. We do "bond-only" work where we bond customer-supplied lining to customer-supplied backing plates up to providing complete manufactured parts packaged and ready to put on the shelf.

We can provide virtually any type of inspection reporting including bond line charts, destructive testing, non-destructive testing and sampling and in most cases we utilize and document 100% inspections.

Our delivery times are as fast as possible. We strive to meet customer’s emergency requirements by working overtime and overnight if required as well as expeditiously process standard deliveries.

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Contract Manufacture of Friction Products Capabilities

1 to 115 in
25.4 to 2921 mm
Production Volume
1 to 25,000+ parts/year
Secondary Services


Quality Conformance
ISO 9000 methodology utilized, not certified
Testing and Inspection
Customizable to Customer
Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
Programmable Temperature Control
Recording Thermograph Bond Line Tests
Sampling Programs

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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916