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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916

Contract Manufacturing of Clutch Plate Inserts for the Metal Stamping Industry

Our bread and butter business is the contract manufacture of Clutch Plates and Brake Shoes. This example is for 0042 Series Plates manufactured for BCN Technologies used on Bliss stamping presses.

The primary concerns of any OEM are Quality, Delivery and Price.

In this case the basic process includes fabrication of the friction segments; cutting to shape and coating with adhesive, stamping of the backing plates, assembly of bonding fixtures, curing under pressure in a controlled oven, finish grinding to final thickness and then final forming of plate. Final inspection includes marking plates with identification numbers and boxing in marked boxes specified by BCN. Our quality program includes Process Sheets, Inspection Forms and Testing Procedures developed in concert with BCN to assure a product which exceeds customer requirements.

We have developed a schedule with BCN which assures a constant supply of the various size plates. We also keep a back-up stock on hand for unexpected demand.

Ah yes, Price. Without a competitive price all of the above would be nice order to be competitive we have engineered jigs, fixtures and processes which allow us to make these plates at a very competitive price. Ask our competition, but better yet, ask us for a quote on your production requirements, we’ll be more than happy to work with you.

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Contract Manufacturing Project Highlights

Product Name
0042 Series BCN Plate and Block Assemblies
Product Description
These BCN plates and block assemblies are O.E.M. replacement parts for Bliss Stamping Presses.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Friction Material Fabrication
Thermoset Adhesive Bonding
  • Friction Material Bonded to 16 Gage Steel Backing Plates

  • Ground to Correct Thickness
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Computer Controlled Oven
Custom built Jigs and fixtures
Adhesive Roller Coating Machine
Rotary Surface Grinder
Overall Part Dimensions
O.D.: ø 10" to 50"
60° Segments
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.002"
Material Used
16 ga Steel
Premium Grade Molded Fully Cured Friction Material
Thermoset Phenolic Resin based Adhesive
Material Finish
In process testing/inspection performed
Lining Block Dimensions
Oven Time & Temperature
Post Bond Adhesive Cure Testing
Periodic Destructive Bond Testing
Post-Grind Thickness Testing
Full Inspection Report
Industry for Use
Metal Stamping
25,000 per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
O.E.M. Proprietary product
Delivery to O.E.M. as required:
We hold an emergency stock on hand with normal delivery of 500 pieces in 3-4 weeks ARO.
Delivery Location
Standards Met
BCN Standards

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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916