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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916

TRACKSTAR™ Return Training Idler

TRACKSTAR™ Return Training Idler

Patented self aligning return training idler for bulk material handling system balances the belt on its roller, eliminating drag and unstable back and forth belt tracking.

Component division at Cleveland Oak manufactures a line of specifically designed patented idlers which improves efficiencies in belt conveyor systems. TRACKSTAR return training idlers and ribbed rubber idler covers are manufactured by us. Our innovatively designed TRACKSTAR return training idlers offer total protection of conveyor belts during bulk material handling.

  • Positioning of conveyor belts and correction of misalignments during material handling processes are the primary functions of our TRACKSTAR return training idlers
  • Our TRACKSTAR return training idlers have a unique design that covers the entire belt width thereby protecting it from spillage and damage
  • Belts are centrally kept on the underside of the conveyor by our idlers and hence premature destruction of them is avoided
  • Parts subjected to sanding facilitate smooth, uniform painting, and excellent paint adhesion
  • The patented single bearing design of our idlers imparts support and balance from instabilities that arise when conventional return training idlers are used
  • The belts are made to balance on its roller, eliminating unstable, drag backs, and forth belt tracking

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TRACKSTAR™ Return Training Idler Capabilities

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Clutch Plates
Gear Tooth Facings
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Cement Industry
Coal Industry
Power Industry
Steel Industry
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Heat Cleaning
Precision Adhesive Coating
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Cleveland Oak - Founded in 1916